General education requirements see change

Published 10/16/17

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Elizabeth Caputo, Contributing Writer

During the summer, new general education requirements were put into place, allowing three less hours for incoming freshmen to complete. The new requirements also set into place some other changes, such as getting rid of the general education capstone, more humanities classes to choose from, and broader math options that meet the needs of all majors.

Students attend science and technology seminars

Published 10/16/17

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Valeriia Efimenko, TNE Writer

The NSU department of science and Dr. John de Banzie, biology professor, arranged a seminar series for the academic year. Science and technology seminars are lectures, where different professors from other institutions are invited to give a speech. They tell students and the public about the researches they do and what they have found during that research and share information. The main goal is to give the campus and general community an opportunity to learn about ongoing scientific research from the scientists who are carrying out that research.

NSU builds support center for Native Americans

Published 10/12/17

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Trista Vaughn, TNE Writer

NSU has recently welcomed the Native American Support Center.

NASC is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Title III grant. This grant is to support Native Americans students to overcome obstacles in college. The NASC is under the authority of the Division of Academic Affairs.

Blert! campus safety app now available to NSU students

Published 10/11/17

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Taylor Brown, TNE Writer

Blert!, a campus safety app from Omnigo Software (previously Report Exec), is now available for NSU students at all three campuses to use. Blert! is a free application that allows students to report crimes through a messaging software rather than a phone call. The app has only recently become available to NSU students, having made its debut Sept. 18.


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