Impressions is a student-led dance company that students participate in. It encourages the development of dance as an art form. Throughout the semester, participating students are taught dances and different kinds of music. During this process, they plan for their biggest annual performance at the end of the fall semester. With more experienced students leading new students, together they are able to connect personally and perform their rehearsed show.

“This show consists of 14 dance performances choreographed by students here at NSU,” said Kasady Marshall, Sand Springs junior. “We have been preparing since the last week of August. We have also gotten the chance to bring in guest choreographers who are NSU alumni.”

The 14 dances performed are supposed to cover personal agendas. From friendship to depression, the dances are planned to reach out to the audience. 

“I would encourage people to come watch the show because we have all worked so hard,” said Marshall. “Impressions is really much more than dance. We are here to show others that we take in a variety of students who have an exceptional amount of experience or none at all. We are getting the chance to express who we are in a really unique way.”

Dancing is a way for the performer to express deep emotions and process what they are going through. By starting off at the beginning of the semester, students are able to take time and practice to relate to music. By creating movements through feelings, the artist are able to express themselves in a comfortable way that feels safe to them. Not only are they learning how to move to a certain song, they are learning how to interpret music by handling their balance, flexibility and form.

“I have learned leadership and how hard and rewarding it is to put on such a big show,” said Malory Lynch, Heavener junior. “I have learned many different styles of dance, communication and leadership. We have done hip hop, some salsa, improv, jazz and contemporary dance. We learn how to communicate with an array of people and how to change our communication styles based on who we am speaking with.”

Not only is Impressions changing the performance, they have also had the honor of practicing in a new facility. By giving a strong effort to every practice, these students feel ready to perform.

“Students have multiple reasons as why they should come out and see our recital,” said Trenton Morgan, Choctaw senior. “It’s about supporting a student organization on campus. It’s great entertainment. It deepens appreciation for a style of art that not many people have been exposed to. We are also asking for donations for Lauren Drewes, a NSU student who suffers from CRPS.”

The showcase costs $2 for students and $5 for community members. IDC’s two dance performances are at 7 p.m. on Dec 29 and 30. Donations are accepted at the end of the show.

“I want students to come watch because these are your peers that have put in 12 weeks of hard work and deserve your support,” said Lynch.  “Some of them have never danced before and the encouragement from classmates and fellow students is a confidence builder. Plus, the students watching may decided this is something they want to try as well.”

For more information on the performance, visit their website or email Ricardo Oropeza at


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