Swords, spells, sisterhood come to NSU playhouse in upcoming show

Matthew Reif, Poteau senior, and Nathan Starr, Oktaha junior, rehearse a wrestling sequence. Students are able to design and assist in most aspects of the drama department’s shows.

The NSU drama department is finalizing the details on their upcoming show, “She Kills Monsters,” written by Qui Nguyen. The show weaves the tale of Agnes Evans, a school teacher who has just found her late sister’s Dungeons and Dragons book. Agnes Evans embarks on a journey filled with slacker gods, demon queens and ferocious dragons as she learns things about the sister she never knew.

As with every show the drama department puts on, students participate in all design aspects of the shows. This includes light and sound design, as well as the construction of the set and props. Brianna Darrow, Tulsa senior, is acting and designing for the show. She said this is a unique experience for her. 

“I got to help design props for the show last spring,” said Darrow. “But this is the first time I get to design the props by myself.”

Theatre imitates the society it is born in. With “She Kills Monsters,” a window to the world of 1995 is opened along with all of the culture that comes with it. However, the show also focuses on LGBT issues in a time where these issues were crushed by society. Katelyn Shearhart, South Coffeyville junior, plays Tilly Evans in the show, the younger sister of Agnes Evans. It is revealed that Tilly Evans is a lesbian in the show. Shearhart is LGBT herself, and this connection helped her grow into her character. She said she loves this show for its inclusivity and handling of its LGBT characters.

“I love how this show is representative of all different types of people,” said Shearhart. “You do not see LGBT characters often, and when you do they are side characters or they die shortly into the plot. It is really cool to see how well these characters are handled in the show.”

This show features several new NSU or drama students, a number of which have never performed in theatre before. Adilene Peru, Tulsa sophomore, plays a high school guidance counselor and Agnes Evans’ friend named Vera. She said this is a great show to have as a first experience.

“I have never done a play before, so this is definitely different,” said Peru. “I usually did competitive speech so it is really fun to put an actual show together.”

“She Kills Monsters” starts at 7:30 p.m. between Nov. 20-23 in the NSU Playhouse. For more information, call the NSU Playhouse at (918) 444-4500.

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