Fantasy and magic comes to NSU drama department though mainstage show

With the start of autumn, the NSU drama department swings its attention on its first mainstage show of the year, “She Kills Monsters”. This heartwarming story follows young socialite Agnes, a woman left alone after her sister’s death. After finding a Dungeons and Dragons adventure book written by her sister, Agnes dives into a fantasy world, hoping to get a glimpse of the magical domain her sister resided in in hopes of learning more about her.

 Dungeons and Dragons features a great deal of battles with various enemies, and when combined with the presentational aspect of theater, the combat scenes come to life. Matthew Reif, Poteau Senior, plays Chuck Biggs, Agnes’s guide through the adventure. He said he is most excited about these non-vebal aspects of the show.

I love how action packed this show is; it really takes you inside the Dungeons and Dragons world filled with classic characters such as demons, elves, and fairies,” said Reif. “This show has a lot of battle scenes with great stage combat.”

This show, Reif said, can be enjoyed by any audience, even if they are not familiar with “geek” culture. Since this show is set in the 1990s, there are many cultural references from that time period. If anything, Reif said, the audience can appreciate a wholesome story about the love between sisters. 

“Besides a fun enjoyable night at the theater I think this show provides a reality check regarding mortality,” said Reif.  “It shows us that we need to appreciate the people in our lives by connecting with them instead of ignoring them, despite any differences we might have.”

“She Kills Monsters” starts at 6 p.m. on Nov. 20 and runs through Nov. 23 at the NSU playhouse. For more information, call the drama department at 918-444-2793.

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