NSU takes pride in continuing education for students. The university’s motto is, “Gather here, go far”. Some organizations and programs on campus provide continuing education resources for students to succeed. The Center for Tribal Studies and the Native American Support Center want to see students get to the next level. 

“This will be part of a series of graduate school workshops,” said Jade Hansen, advisement career specialist at NASC. “Testing Services is going to help students determine which tests students will need to take for their school of choice. A lot of students come in wondering what they should expect from these tests and how to be better prepared, but along with this workshop, we will also provide websites with the proper tools to help them.”

The workshop will be explaining several tests through a presentation. The GRE, MAT, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT will be shown at the workshop. 

“It is a shotgun effect,” said Marcey Mitcham, academic testing coordinator. “Some students might only get information about these tests from their peers, so this workshop is designed to cover a lot of information for anyone pursuing a graduate degree.”

For students who are unable to physically attend the workshop, there will be a link to join a Zoom meeting, which can be found on the events Facebook page; Workshop: Entrance Exams.

The presentation will cover a variety of information, such as: costs of tests, reattempted tests, testing center protocols, possible fee waivers, and durations of the tests.

“These sessions are a great idea,” said Billy Flint, outreach coordinator at NASC. “This is information that I wish I had received when I was pursuing my graduate degree. We are just aiming to help prepare each and every student who is interested in furthering, in what can be, a long educational journey.”

At 1 p.m. on Sept. 16, in room 614 of the Webb building, the Center for Tribal Studies and the Native American Support Center will be hosting a workshop focused on graduate school entrance exams. For more information, call Flint at 918-444-3043, or email flint@nsuok.edu.

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