NSU celebrates families at Fall Family Weekend

Students and their families supporting NSU football during 2018 Family Weekend. They came together to make great memories for students and families.

NSU’s Family Program is planning a family weekend this month. It will be filled with different student organization fundraisers, tailgates and a football game. The weekend is meant to connect families with their students’ home away from home, allowing them to bond on campus, creating memories.

“The overall goal of the program and the event is to provide students with a way to connect with their family on campus,” said Michael Payne, Community Engagement coordinator. “One thing I noticed across most of the colleges I am aware of is that a lot of students connect with their family away from campus, they go home or go on trips. Family weekend is a good opportunity for family and friends to come to campus so the student can show their family their home away from home.”

There are several organizations attending the weekend to help promote themselves, but also to bring fun and different things to do. The Spanish club is putting on a burrito bar fundraiser with different fillings for the burritos. 

“We wanted to do something that was fun and foody because everyone likes both,” said Gemini Creason, Spanish club president. “Plus, it is a great way to bring people together to learn about the club and get to know each other. We are excited to meet all the families and see them enjoying the event.”

Students and their families are encouraged to attend the Family Weekend. NSU wants to keep the family connections so students can keep up their positive attitudes and finish school proudly. 

“We college students could not make it without the help of our families,” said Becca Limore, Muldrow senior. “I know that I personally cannot go a day without talking to my mom about everything; from my job to my late-night studying.  Not everyone has a perfect family, but everyone has someone they consider family. Everyone has at least one person in their corner to encourage them to push through the challenges that come with being a college student. I attended last year’s Family Weekend and I had the best time.”

Students who live on campus make campus feel like a second home. They are there most of the time and it comes very familiar.

“NSU is a place that becomes home to so many students and faculty so easily,” said Limore. “Tahlequah gives you a small town feel but is a place where so many come to grow. It’s nice for students to share the place that they will be spending some of their most important years with their families.”

The Fall Family Weekend will begin 12 p.m. Friday, Oct. 25  and continue through 12 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 27, spanning most of the campus. 

For more information, email Michael Payne at payne29@nsuok.edu or call 918-444-2255.

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