Students and alumni interact at the Alumni Association’s GreenLink dinner. GreenLink is an opportunity for students to sit down and learn from NSU alumni.

The Future Alumni Network is a student organization that is designed to introduce students to the Alumni Association as well as provide students with opportunities to connect and network with NSU alumni. FAN offers exclusive benefits to its members, which help make it one of NSU’s largest student organizations on-campus. Taylor Lloyd, Ardmore senior, serves as the president and encourages students to join FAN because of what the organization offers.

“This organization cultivates the values of NSU and establishes a lifelong connection with the university and its fellow students and alumni,” said Lloyd. “Students are exposed to unique opportunities to meet, network with and maintain meaningful relationships with fellow students and NSU alumni through programming, events, services, communications and other activities.”

FAN was created as a student outreach point for the Alumni Association. The alumni association’s goal is to keep alumni connected with both students and NSU. Through FAN, alumni are given the opportunity to reach out to current NSU students through different networking events like the Green Link dinner, Emerald Ball and Dinner by Degree. Daniel Johnson, director of alumni services, helps organize and oversee these events.

“Our marquee event is the Green Link dinner,” said Johnson. “We invite alumni back from all walks of professional life to make themselves available to students. So if somebody was interested in media studies and becoming a writer or a journalist of some sort, we’re going to try to find alumni that are in that professional field to spend the evening with students that are interested in that career path. Share what their experiences have been like in developing their career, provide insight and wisdom to the students. The feedback we get from both sides, the alumni and the students, is always extremely positive.”

In being a part of one of the largest student organizations on campus, many students do not know all of the benefits the organization offers. Some of the exclusive member benefits that the organization provides include a Comfort Colors T-shirt, a tumbler that can be used for free refills at select on-campus locations, discounts around town, free scantrons and the BancFirst Green & White hospitality room at football games. The Green & White Room is organized by the alumni association and used during football games. The room is open to both alumni and FAN members, and serves different free meals at every game. Johnson said it is a way for alumni and students to interact with one another outside of the events the alumni association organizes.

“There’s an opportunity for interaction there because you see a lot of the same faces that are participating week-to-week,” said Johnson. “There’s a lot of great opportunities there for a student to interact and mingle, and vice-versa for alumnus with the students.”

FAN members that want to find a way to get more involved with the organization can be a part of a group called FANatics, which is a group of students that dedicate more of their time and share specific responsibilities for the organization. FANatics generally serve as volunteers at events like the Emerald Ball and Green Link dinner. Cheyhoma Dugger, FAN adviser, said the FANatics program is designed for students that are willing to help.

“A FANatic is literally just a volunteer,” said Dugger. “Someone who’s willing to be active and willing to participate and help the organization thrive. It also gives them an opportunity to ask questions, throw out ideas themselves and communicate with our board.”

Students with additional questions about FAN or how to join can email Johnson at


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