International Programs brings back Buddy Program

Maddi Rogers, International Event Coordinator, and Poppy Ji, China senior, overlooking the applications for the International Buddy Program. There is an application process in order to pair students up with each other.  

The International Buddy Program is revisiting a past program this year. The program has been active in the past but International Programs wants to restart it again.  They are currently taking applications to become a buddy, both International students and American students. The applications do not have a deadline but will be offered at the beginning of every semester. 

“We have done it in the past,” said Maddi Rogers, International Program event coordinator.  “But we are revisiting it because before they did not have an event coordinator. Since I am the event coordinator, I will have more time to focus on it. It is my focus to put buddies together and getting stuff set up.” 

The program is a way to connect students together to help each other through college and grow culturally, but also to allow friendships and bonds to be made, which could last a lifetime. 

“This program allows all participating students to become immersed and socially integrated into a global learning environment,” said Yen Li, International Programs coordinator. “The program strives to make incoming international students feel welcome and help them prepare for their transition to college life at NSU. Similarly, American students will gain not only cross-cultural friendships but also insights into other cultures.”

Buddies are paired by the questions they answer throughout the application form. They will be paired by what year they are in, if they speak the same language or have a second language in common and their major. The goal of the buddies is to be paired with someone who the students can spend their college life with, ideally from freshman to senior year and be someone they can rely on in many different ways, according to Rogers.

“I want to learn different cultures and languages and try to be more social,” said Poppy Ji, China senior. “I want to communicate with them to improve my English. Of course, I also want to introduce my country and traditional culture to them.”

Students who would like to participate in the International Buddy Program can visit the Office of International Programs to fill out the application. They are always welcoming students to apply so everyone who wants a buddy, gets a buddy.

For more information, visit Maddie Rogers at the OIP, John Vaughan Library, Room 121 or call 918-444-2050.


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