Street Party

Students and members of the community enjoying the BancFirst Street Party. The BancFirst Street Party is a wonderful event that brings the campus and the Tahlequah community together.

NSU has many traditions during Homecoming Week that students, alumni and community members attend every year. One of these traditions is the BancFirst Street Party. This event is a festival that takes place at the Be the Change fountain at the main entrance of the Tahlequah campus. At the Street Party, different organizations on campus set up booths to play games, paint faces and give out prizes and candy to people attending the event. Throughout the evening, booths are judged and prizes are given to the organizations that score the highest. Each organization brings its own unique activity and style to reflect each group. The honors program, for instance, brings critical thinking into its activity.

“For the street party, we are doing a race car math game,“ said Rachel Wilkins, honors president. “We have done a version of this game before and the community really enjoys it. There are three different tracks based on difficulty. A younger kid would get an easy addition problem. An older kid would get a more challenging multiplication of division problem. To win, they move the race car as far down the track as they can.”

These tables and booths can be more than games and fun activities, but can also be a representation of what an organization stands for. Bethany Johnson, Sand Springs senior, and the women at Tri Sigma are going to show the community what exactly brings Tahlequah together as students and as RiverHawks.

“We recognize that while we all go through different journeys while we are here at NSU, we are also all connected through commonalities placed in our life because of our choice of becoming a RiverHawk,” said Johnson. “These first times, events, and special moments connect us throughout our individual journeys along the path of our educational careers. We recognize that every student has the opportunity to gather here, make special memories, and go far.”

Many of these events would not be possible without sponsors, and the team and BancFirst make it their mission to insure that the street party is a success far before the opening date. They are thinking of ideas for themes, decorations and contests weeks ahead of time and attend the festival with smiling faces and full of energy. BancFirst has been the primary sponsor of the street party for over a decade, and every one of those years has been a massive success.

Several employees join forces on our Street Party committee each year,” said Allen Scroggins, senior vice president of BancFirst. “It is fun to watch the new ideas and events they come up with. They do a great job of planning and organizing the event, and building the enthusiasm among our employees.  This is a perfect time for us to get out of our banker mode and put on our creative hats…party hats…to make this a special experience for anyone who visits our booth.”

The BancFirst Street Party will begin at 6 p.m. on Sept. 23 at the Be the Change fountain at the entrance of the Tahlequah campus.


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