Dance Marathon officers raise funds for the program

Many members of the 2018 Dance Marathon Committee stand together to celebrate the success of the program. Fundraising events for Dance Marathon take place throughout the semester.

Dance Marathon is an event held annually at NSU to celebrate the funds that have been raised throughout the year for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital St. Francis in Tulsa. In order to raise these funds and reach their goal of $20,000, several different fundraising events are performed. These fundraising events take place both on campus and throughout the community. Abbie Mohr, director of Dance Marathon, said that Dance Marathon is trying many new things this year to get more people involved.

“Instead of focusing our fundraising efforts to being mostly on campus, we are working hard to incorporate the community of Tahlequah with our efforts,” said Mohr. “We recently had our first community event called FTK (For the Kids) in the Park. We had knocker balls, Buffalo Wild Wings, RiverHawk Nutrition and so much more out there. It was lots of fun and very successful. We plan on doing it again in the future.”

FTK in the park is one of many different events that Dance Marathon is planning this year. The events range from bake sales to other special events that take donations at the door, either in the form of money of other donated goods.

“Off-campus fundraisers include things such as givebacks at restaurants and community events like FTK in the Park,” said Mohr. “On-campus fundraisers can vary but are anything from tabling in the UC with oreo balls and merchandise for sale to movie nights in the Webb.”

Another aspect of fundraising that is new to Dance Marathon this year is how early they began raising funds. Historically, Dance Marathon has not began raising funds until the beginning of the school year, but they have adjusted this to give them more time this year. Allyson Neep, fundraising chair member for Dance Marathon, believes that this change will help Dance Marathon be more successful.

This year, fundraising efforts are so different because we are starting so early,” said Neep. “Our big event is not until February, but we started fundraising efforts this summer. We expect this to help us reach our goal and get the word out about Dance Marathon to our campus and community.”

One of the main things that Dance Marathon is known for is called Dares for DM. During this event, many fundraising students will state a dare of some kind they will complete once they reach a specific amount of money raised. These dares range heavily, from either cosmetic changes to the individual or having to complete some sort of challenge.

“Some of the things that students will do if they reach their goal are getting their nose pierced or doing the spicy wing challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings if they reach their fundraising goal,” said Lauren York, fundraising chair member for Dance Marathon.

Dance Marathon will be taking place on Feb. 29, 2020, but the fundraising events will be consistently taking place until the event. Students should check their emails for dates and locations for fundraising events, or they can email Mohr at for more information.

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