Isaac Burke, the Japanese club president, had the opportunity this past summer to study in Japan for two weeks. He thought it would be very beneficial for the club president to be able to help give other students insight through his experiences. 

“I believe that study abroad opportunities open up students' awareness of other cultures and promote empathy and understanding between nations,” said Jeffery Maloney, Japanese club adviser. “It certainly can help with job marketability, as international experience is an asset due to its promotion of tolerance for ambiguity and not feeling "in control" of a lot of situations, as well as familiarity with other markets.”

Students who have the opportunity to learn many different things based on their experiences within the places they go to. Burke had the opportunity to go to a place he had wanted to learn about. The culture, people, and history Japan was always something Burke wanted to experience. 

When you want to go to a place and before you go there is this aura of mystery and glamour about it and then when you finally go there, it kind of bursts the bubble a little bit,” said Burke. “Not to say that I was disappointed, I was not in the least. But at the end of the day, every place you visit is a place where people live and work and have their lives. Getting reminded of that and seeing how similar everyone is despite our differences is really refreshing.” 

Students in the Japanese club have a passion for the culture. Some of the students involved in the club have future plans to go to Japan as well.  

“I am going to Japan over spring break this next year,” said Maddi Rogers, Japanese club student. “I have been able to talk to Isaac about where he has been and what he has done in Japan. In the past, I talked to the Japanese students and really get an understanding of the culture and differences between America and Japan. I want to go on missions to Japan in the future.”

NSU has many opportunities for students to learn about many different cultures. Being apart of a club like the Japanese club can expand the students' cultural horizons and can encourage them to potentially travel to different countries that can further their cultural knowledge.  

“I do not care if you are nervous or scared to go abroad, just go,” said Burke. “Go, if you can. Just do it. I was able to get a scholarship that covered a little of the trip but I saved up for a while. It was worth it.”

For more information about the Japanese club, email Burke at

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