NSU’s Paranormal Club looks for spectres in campus buildings

October is here and Halloween is right around the corner. To get into the holiday spirit, NSU’s Paranormal Club has been testing NSU’s decades old buildings looking for supernatural occurrences. Meagan Todd, vice president of the club, describes the club as a group of people who try to find what can not be explained.

“We discuss our experiences with the paranormal or catch up with all of our club members,” said Todd. “We go on investigations of the buildings on campus and go over evidence we may have caught during our investigations.”

Talk of paranormal activities often brings skeptics. Clarissa Duennenberg, Boerne, Texas senior, is the president of the Paranormal Club. She said the club invites skeptics and believers alike, as it is designed to be a fun time among friends.

Our club is open to anyone and everyone, even those who don't believe in the paranormal or are not sure if they do but want to have a bit of fun,” said Duennenberg. “While we do strive to be professional on investigations, they are definitely also about just having a good time.”

Supernatural topics can sometimes trend into sensitive subjects such as religion. Kaitlyn Rourk, Eufaula junior, is the secretary of the club. She said that they are open to everyone, regardless of beliefs.

“People who want to know more about the paranormal or people who don't believe in it are welcomed to join,” said Rourk. “People that want to join should know that we are not a religious group and we are not an occult group.”

The Paranormal Club meets at 6 p.m. on Thursdays in the University Center room 222. For more information, email Duennenburg at duennenb@nsuok.edu.

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