PLC presents annual Fish Fry

Turner Howk, Okmulgee freshman, writes the script for the entertainment portion of Fish Fry. NSU administration and PLC alumni are invited to attend the annual Fish Fry event.


The President’s Leadership Class is organizing their annual Fish Fry event. PLC is a scholarship organization made up of student leaders who were selected to be leaders while on campus. Fish Fry is a longtime tradition designed to engage the current PLC members with administration and PLC alumni. Kin Thompson, assistant professor of hospitality and tourism management and PLC adviser, helps the PLC members prepare for the event.

One purpose of the PLC Fish Fry is to introduce the new Freshmen PLC class to the rest of the students and PLC community,” said Thompson. “This event also introduces the PLC members to our Administration, local and state dignitaries, and the University Foundation Board.”

Fish Fry begins with a round of introductions, including an introduction of administration and other notable attendees, then the current PLC members. Attendees then line up to gather up to eat dinner before the PLC freshman begin their entertainment portion.

The PLC Fish Fry is a 40-plus year old tradition here at NSU,” said Thompson. “The fish have been caught and prepared by Jack Reese and Dr. Leonard Wilkins.”

Along with the fish-catching tradition, the other tradition for the event is the entertainment portion. Every year, the PLC freshman prepare for a skit as a way of introducing themselves to the NSU community. The performance involves different things like dancing, singing and inside jokes about other PLC members. Caroline Rowland, Tulsa senior, serves as the president of PLC and considers the skit her favorite part of the Fish Fry.

“The Freshman PLC class puts together a skit to perform after the dinner and it is always so good,” said Rowland. “The PLC Fish Fry is an event for current PLC students and alumni to get to know each other and I am looking forward to it.”

Turner Howk, Okmulgee freshman, is a member of the freshman PLC class. Howk is helping organize the skit for the entertainment portion of Fish Fry as well as doing the invocation before the meal. Howk is looking forward to getting the opportunity to showcase himself and his class to the rest of the NSU community.

“I am really looking forward to bonding with my fellow freshman class in creating the skit,” said Howk. “I am also looking forward to meeting all of the higher ups, getting to know the president better. [I am] Looking forward to, hopefully, creating some laughs. I would expect it to be funny, maybe a little awkward in a few spots.”

While Howk is looking forward to Fish Fry, Howk also hopes to make more connections with people through PLC. 

“PLC has really helped me transition into college,” said Howk. “It gave me contacts prior to coming to college and it’s also helped me get myself out there, which is huge. Having connections prior to coming to college and then in college making more connections is a very integral part of getting integrated into college.

Fish Fry will take place at 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 16 at President Turner’s house. For more information about Fish Fry, email Thompson at

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