Staff Council encourages engagement, exercise though zombie run

Paige Wilson, Chelsea junior, trains for the upcoming fun run. Students and community members alike are encouraged to sign up and participate either as a runner or a zombie.

Fun runs are a great way for an organization to raise funds while encouraging the community to get out and be active and social. This year, to add a little Halloween spirit, NSU’s Staff Council decided to combine the fun of a run with the adrenaline of a zombie chase with its inaugural Zombie Fun Run. Robert Moruzzi, Staff Council officer, said this event will be a great way to both raise funds and bring awareness to the Staff Council.

We wanted to start something fun and exciting with Staff Council's name on it that should recur annually and benefit NSU staff members,” said Moruzzi. “We thought having a 5K with a twist should keep it interesting.”

The proceeds of this event will go towards scholarships for NSU students. Sydney Nichols, Academic Affairs administrative assistant, said everyone gains something in an event like this. Students get school funds and the donors and participants get an exciting evening running from zombies.

“It's such a fun event, on both the zombie and running sides,” said Nichols “There are people in the community who have heard about it, and are so looking forward to this event because of how much fun it is.”

Anyone is allowed to sign up and participate, either as runners or as zombies. Many students are participating in the run.  Amelia Bond, Oklahoma City junior, said that events like this bring communities together, all while encouraging exercise and cooperation. 

“I wanted to participate because I am always looking for 5Ks to run,” said Bond. “People should participate to engage with the community and to exercise with their peers. I am excited to see everyone who’s running and to be more involved with Tahlequah.”

The Zombie Run check-in is at 5 p.m. and the run begins at 6 p.m. on Nov. 1 in the Administration building. Register online at

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