Students promote diversity through ABC

ABC members participate in the paint the town green event. Paint the town green is a homecoming event where student organizations get to paint a downtown window to show off their organization to the community.

The Association of Black Collegians is an organization that aims to promote diversity and on campus. Students are able to get involved with different events in the organization and learn about African American culture. 

The Association of Black Collegians is an organization dedicated to the well-being, advancement and inclusivity of African Americans here at NSU,” said LeRoicia Penney, ABC president. “Students will be accepted and respected as this club provides a safe space of inclusivity and leadership within our local demographic.”

At meetings, ABC offers a variety of activities to get students engaged and build a sense of security and unity within the organization. Some of the activities include ice-breakers, game nights, mentorship and study hour opportunities. Neriah Wharry, social media chair, said she joined ABC because of everything the organization offers.

“I joined ABC because I was interested in joining an organization where there were people who can relate to different difficulties and because of the leadership opportunities,” said Wharry.

Gail Vaughn, Liberal Arts academic adviser, took the role of the adviser of ABC in 2018. Vaughn has worked to build the organization up and provide its members with a variety of different resources to help them in different areas.

“My personal goal is for this organization is to develop skills to help each member become young leaders of the future,” said Vaughn. “By applying the groundwork materials and the support of an administrator, there will be less influence needed on my behalf, as the sponsor. As a sponsor, I want to be able to be the gateway between the organizations and NSU administration offices. ABC has very capable and bright individuals committed to their success. I just want to watch them do their thing, and support their many ideas, helping to make those ideas into actions.”

ABC will be organizing multiple events throughout the semester including a ’90s themed Halloween party, 3-on-3 basketball tournament and a fundraiser for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic Violence Awareness Month is designed to bring attention to those who are affected by domestic violence during the month of October. NSU is putting on multiple events for the Domestic Violence Awareness Month including paint the town purple and a glow walk.

“We are excited about our upcoming fundraiser in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month,” said Penney. “All of our proceeds will go to those in need.”

ABC meets weekly at 5:30 p.m. on Mondays at UC 226. For information about ABC’s fundraiser or future events, email ABC at

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