NSU’s Office of Outreach and Prevention presents their kickoff to the Responsible Hawk program. Responsible Hawks is program created to encourage students to be better members of their community, specifically here on campus but also beyond. 

“Responsible Hawks will be our umbrella program for many different student affairs type things,” said Sara Swarers, Outreach and Prevention coordinator. “Whether the topic is drug, alcohol, counseling, conduct or student engagement related, Responsible Hawks will cover a little bit of everything.”

This event will be meet and greet style with the main goal being to spread awareness of the new program. Handouts with student affairs resources will be available for students to stop by and pickup.

For entertainment there will be inflatables, games and activities that students can enjoy. Swarer will also have slushies and giveaways throughout the event. New Responsible Hawk T-shirts will be given out that day. 

“We were not certain how people would respond to the idea of Responsible Hawks,” said Joshua Rader, student conduct and development coordinator. “Everyone really liked the concept so we are very excited for our kickoff event.”

Students can expect for more upcoming Responsible Hawk events. A movie showing sponsored by Responsible Hawks will take place at the end of October during collegiate alcohol awareness week. There is also an event planned for opioid abuse awareness which will take place in November. 

“With being a college athlete, it is expected of us to be responsible on and off campus,” said Emma Warnock, Fort Smith senior. “Having a program that is specifically designated to informing students on how to be proactive in their communities and better members of society is a great thing, not only for athletes but for all students.” 

With the program being varily new to campus, any and all event recommendations are welcome and can be directed to Swarer or Rader. 

“As people think about what it means to be a responsible hawk and a good member of our community, if there is a particular topic, idea or theme that students want us to try out just reach out to Sara or myself.” said Rader.  

All questions and recommendations can be emailed to Swarer at swarers@nsuok.edu or Rader at raderj@nsuok.edu.

Responsible Hawk’s program kickoff will be at 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sept. 18, in Second Century Square, with weather permitting.  Should there be any weather issues, the event will be moved to the downstairs of the University Center. 


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