College Democrats promote political involvement at NSU

The NSU College Democrats meet to discuss organization plans and political opinions. They meet biweekly in the University Center.

For around three-fourths of current college students, the 2020 election will be the first major election they will be allowed to vote in. Therefore, it is important for this new generation of voters to start paying attention to the political world around them. College Democrats, a new political organization on campus, hopes to close the gap of knowledge for NSU students.

Organizations like College Democrats help keep students aware and accountable politically, all while growing and developing friendships with fellow members. Carley Graham, College Democrats president, said she saw a need on campus for a group such as this.

My friends and I felt it was necessary to start this organization to promote political involvement in the community, help local politicians get elected, and spread the democratic philosophy,” said Graham.

Like most organizations, College Democrats hope to be involved in the campus and community around it. Cavin Shambles, College Democrats vice president, said he and his fellow officers have big plans for the organization. He hopes these plans will attract new members in the future.

“The club is in its very early stages but there are high hopes to have many different events throughout the year that not only interest those with other political views, but faculty, staff and students of any political beliefs,” said Shambles. “There is much more in the works and I am truly excited to see it coming together.”

With a name like “College Democrats”, it may seem like this organization is only for those who identify as such. Amelia Bond, College Democrats member said this is not the case. She encourages anyone who is interested, democrat or republican, to come to a meeting. She said the different viewpoints are what makes meetings fun.

“Hearing all of the ideologies is what really makes meetings fun,” said Bond. “We are polite and respectful towards differing beliefs as we hope to learn from these conflicting perspectives rather than simply tear them down.”

College Democrats meet at 6:30 p.m. on the first and third Thursday of the month in UC 224. For more information, email Graham at

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