The NSU Nature Hawks are all about exploring nature. Some see exploring nature as a way to destress and unload from life’s troubles. Nature Hawks is an organization dedicated to getting to know students and themselves as they explore the great outdoors.

“I heard about Nature Hawks when I was still in high school and I immediately wanted to join,” said Christopher Rowland, Nature Hawks president. “When I got here my freshman year it sadly was no longer a club on campus, so Turner Howk, Mason Pack and I decided to put in the work to revive it back on campus.”

Rowland, along with Mason Pack, Nature Hawks treasurer, and Turner Howk, Nature Hawks vice president, wanted to revive the group because of their shared love for nature. They want to show NSU students how beautiful they think the world is. They believed the best way to do that was by reviving Nature Hawks and spreading the news.

“Nature Hawks gives nature fans a place to connect with other nature fans,” said Pack. “We go on trips and enjoy the great outdoors. You don’t have to be good at hiking or know everything about nature. We provide connections to get people together and see what God’s creation looks like.”

The Nature Hawks will mainly spend their time outdoors hiking and hammocking with the occasional camping trip. The organization encourages any students interested in joining to reach out. They do not expect everyone to be experts and they are more than willing to help students who are willing to join them.

The Nature Hawks are all about nature and friendship. Rowland wants the Nature Hawks to have a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. He welcomes any students who may want to join with open arms, stating that any new members instantly become his friends.

“I love being able to gather together with fellow students and bond in nature,” said Howk. “I wanted to get involved because I absolutely love the outdoors and exploring creation. I think people should get involved because it’s such an amazing opportunity to get involved and meet a lot of cool people through experiencing amazing things outdoors.”

The Nature Hawks present their first event on March 12. They will go to Carlisle Cove on Lake Tenkiller to hammock, have s’mores and watch the sunset. They will meet at the front of Leoser at 5 p.m. and be back on campus around 8 p.m.

For more information about Nature Hawks, email Rowland at

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